Other associated conditions & imbalances

While these conditions and imbalances are not our primary focus, they are common secondary and associated imbalances experienced by our IBS clients. This is because they all share a strong connection to the underlying health of our gut and often improve when the primary gut imbalance is addressed. For this reason, we thought it was important to write these articles to help our clients understand the connection to gut health.

Blog posts on associated conditions and imbalances

Causes of Acid Reflux.png


Here’s everything we cover about acid reflux and GERD:
> What are acid reflux, GERD and heartburn and how can you tell the difference?
> The importance of stomach acid and why you likely DON’T have too much
> Causes of acid reflux and GERD and how to test for them
> What you can do to address acid reflux naturally

Adrenal Fatigue IBS Connection.png


The often overlooked connection between these two misunderstood conditions, including:
> What is Adrenal Fatigue and what does it have to do with stress?
> Six warning signs that you may be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue
> The connection between Adrenal Fatigue and IBS
> How to get tested for both adrenal dysfunction and the underlying root cause
> How to reverse Adrenal Fatigue naturally

UTI Treatment Without Antibiotics.png


UTIs are beatable and the good news is you can successfully get rid of a UTI without the gut-destroying antibiotics I once thought were my only option. Here we share our approach to UTI treatment without antibiotics that actually works. It’s an all natural protocol that we’ve used ourselves and with our clients with great results.

Gut Bacteria and Weight Loss Resistance.png


As anyone who has tried to lose weight/body fat unsuccessfully by eating healthy and exercising regularly will tell you; “there’s something else going on”. And there’s a growing body of science to suggest they are absolutely right. If you don’t have the right balance of bacteria in your gut, it almost doesn’t matter what you do with diet and exercise to lose weight/body fat. It will not budge.

Anxiety Depression IBS.png

Anxiety, depression and gut health

Studies have shown that as many as half of those with IBS, also suffer from psychological disorders including anxiety and depression. And while many sufferers have been told their gut symptoms are ‘all in their head’ (including me at one point), science has recently discovered that what’s happening in your gut, directly affects what’s happening in the brain, your mood and how you respond to stress.

If you’re looking to work with a team of digestive health experts, we’re here to help.