Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

With advances in functional GI testing, we have been able to replace the need for an IBS label with actual conditions that explain symptoms and finally provide healing opportunities for those who have suffered with digestive symptoms for years. With our own personal history with IBS and because a large portion of our clients come to us to deal with IBS symptoms and its many root causes, we have created a series of IBS articles that cover:

  • Why you should never settle for an IBS diagnosis

  • The most common root cause of IBS

  • How to test for the root cause of your IBS

  • How to choose the best IBS diet for you

  • Natural IBS treatment options

  • The best exercises to try for those with IBS

If you are looking to educate yourself about IBS or want to know our general approach to working with IBS clients, please read the following detailed blog posts to learn more.

IBS Blog Posts

IBS Diagnosis.png

Why You Should Never Settle for an IBS Diagnosis

What it means and what to do if you’re given an IBS label, including:
> The IBS definition used in research and abused in clinical practice
> How a diagnosis of IBS can be disempowering and prevent you from finding the real reason for your symptoms
> How research over the last 5 years about the gut microbiome has changed the way we look at IBS
> Why identifying the actual cause of your symptoms is the only way to beat IBS

IBS Root Causes.png

The Top 5 Root Causes of IBS That You Need to Know About

IBS is not a single disease with a single cause. Here are the five that I most commonly see in my ‘IBS’ clients, including:
> What exactly is a ‘root cause’ and why is it so important?
> The top 5 root causes of IBS that your doctor probably isn’t testing for
> Why you likely have more than one root cause contributing to your IBS symptoms

Testing for IBS.png

How to Test for IBS Root Causes

Everything you need to know about the advances in functional testing for IBS, including:
> Why you need to test, not guess when it comes to IBS
> How to test for IBS using gold-standard options for the most common root causes
> How to figure out which IBS testing you need and why you might need multiple tests
> Why we like to use the GI Map Stool Test as a great starting point for IBS clients

Eating for IBS.png

Eating for IBS: How to Choose the Best Diet for You

How to choose the right IBS healing diet, including:
> The five principles of a gut-healing diet & eating for IBS
> Why ‘bio-individuality’ is where we always start
> Considerations for the most common IBS diets

Natural IBS Treatment Beyond Diet.png

Natural IBS Treatment: It’s More Than Just Diet

Our go-to natural IBS treatment options, including:
> The three lifestyle factors that can ‘make-or-break’ your IBS healing
> Why natural supplementation is a must, especially with compromised gut function
> The foundational supplements you need to consider for natural IBS treatment
> The importance of addressing ALL of the root causes of your IBS and why relapse is so common

IBS Exercises.png

IBS Exercises: The best options for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

For IBS sufferers unsure about the best exercise options, it’s important to understand:
> The link between exercise, stress and IBS
> The evidence for exercising with IBS
> Why exercise can trigger IBS symptoms and why chronic cardio may not be the best idea
> What exercises work best for IBS

If you’re looking to work with a team of IBS experts, we’re here to help.